Essays on Observations

On to the random, weird stuff where I make observations on a variety of things from the silly to the sad. Sometimes part pointing finger, sometimes temper tantrum, mostly the result of a degree in philosophy and nowhere to use it.  New essays will be added as they are written. Check back for more!

The Pandemic Avoider’s Guide to Caution


The Kindle Dilemma

Philosophy Class Refresher Course

An Indulgent Rant on Why I Hate the Internet

Miracle Grows

So Now It’s 2018

Max – Saying Goodbye

Thoughts in the Dark

All Boxed Up

White Line Printmaking

The Value of Silence

Sauntering toward Summer

I Joined a Cult – or – Adventures in Telecommunications

The Art of Running in Place

In Which The Author Rants In Vain

What I Learned From The April Poem A Day Challenge

Never Drop A Parasaurolophus On Its Head

Yes, I’m Writing, But… There Were Goldfish, You See…

The Grass is Always Greener…

No Whining

On Negativity and A Writing Life

What I Like About Living in Wyoming

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