Essays on Reading

This is a collection of essays I’ve written on different types of reading; how to read poetry, reactions to things I’ve read, and thoughts about poets and writers. Sometimes I add a page with my favorite poems or poets, because I do like to share. New essays will be added as they are written. Check back for more!

Reading, Writing, and Reviewing

Reading, an Opinionated Overview

Great Openings in Poetry

Moonglow on Mercy Street by John Biscello – Book Review

The Only Light Coming In by Joseph Hardy – Book Review 

Listen Up – Poet’s Edition


Reading Multiple Translations

Embracing Poetry Mind

Poetry Month Primer

Great Openings in Poetry

Soliloquy on the Upcoming April PAD

Found In Translation

Reading Women Poets of the World

Poetry vs. Prose: Reading The Iliad

The Buffalo Connection – Robert Creeley

Poetry as Influence

Did You See/Hear/Read This?

Rediscovering Robert Frost – Stealth Sonnets

Contemplating Ginsberg at Nine A.M.

Poetry as Performance

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