In The Shadow of Xerxes Canal in the Rejected Anthology from ACA Books  Read it HERE    (Historical Fantasy)

The Borrowed Swordin Black Dragon, White Dragon Anthology, from Ricasso Press  Read it HERE  (Historical Fantasy)

“The Tetris Effect” in Every Day Fiction  Read it HERE    (Fantasy)

“The Tale Teller” in Reflection’s Edge  Read it HERE    (Fantasy)

WIP Novels:

Magic Squared – Contemporary Fantasy (Complete)

A rebellious, bisexual physicist. A spell first, ask questions later witch. A fundamentalist society out to eradicate anyone different. Magic and science collide with disastrous results. 

The Demigod’s Daughter – Fantasy (Complete)

When a fresco painter’s child is kidnapped she asks for help from an unlikely source – a disgraced god stripped of his powers.  Read Excerpt.

The Gate To Paradise – Fantasy (WIP)

When cavalry officer Nikolai Samarin prays to the gods for help in battling the mercenaries invading his kingdom, he never expects his request to be answered personally.

The Agirrus Revolt  – Space Opera (WIP)

After a peacekeeping mission goes awry, the Automatic Steel Brigade is assigned to keep the violence from spreading to nearby planets. The black and white mission turns gray when Colonel Simon Kinnol finds himself sympathizing with the rebels. Read Excerpt.


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