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Digging Weeds from the Story Garden

Constance/ May 19, 2019/ Essay, Writing

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where my story is? There I was, skipping merrily down the path, sun shining, the birds maniacally tweeting, and my brand new sneakers soft and bouncy. The path ended abruptly. I smacked face first into a brick wall, bending my nose 20 degrees out of joint. Where did this brick wall

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Gyroscope Review – 2018 Year End Anthology

Constance/ December 16, 2018/ Gyroscope Review, Publications

Presenting . . .  Groundhogs, Crones, & Other Poems. Gyroscope Review’s 2018 Year End Anthology is now available on Amazon! All 4 issues from 2018 in one convenient book. 374 pages of Poetic Goodness, just for you. Let us know what you think – Leave a review on Amazon. Have a great Holiday Season!