This is a collection of essays I’ve written on various topics related to writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction. There’s even some poetry prompts for the brave among you. You’ll notice I write about revision a lot. Just my way of trying to  figure it out – and motivate myself. New essays will be added as they are written. Check back for more!

Poem Analysis – Taming the Wild Verse

Telling Little Stories

Et Tu, Scriptor?

This is the End, My Friend

Villanelle – A Racy Import With An Interesting Form

Free Verse Is Not a Free For All

Writing Narrative Poetry

What Doesn’t Kill You – Makes for a Great Revenge Story

It’s Drafty in Here

When I Want Your Advice I’ll Research It

One More Time Though the Grinder

A Few Words on Revision

Japanese Short Forms

Post Thanksgiving Poetry Prompts


5 Prompts to Kick Off Poetry Month

5 Places to Get Your Poetry Fix Online

5 Words to Use in Poems

5 Photo Prompts for Poems

Final Five Prompts for Poetry Month

Fragment Friday – The Poetry Forms Edition

Fragment Friday – The Found Poem Edition

Haiku Therapy

Lessons Gleaned From Writing (Or Not Writing) Poetry

Writing, and Not Writing, Lots of Questions

Taking Inspiration By Force

Poem Evolution – Tackling the PAD Challenge

Strengthening Poetry – Revisiting Revision

Self-Inflicted Wounds – Revising Poetry, Part I

Telling Little Stories – Revising Poetry, Part II

Poet as Dictator

Wanted: Map to My Thought Process

Short Stories, Chainsaws, and Rewrites

The Trouble With Being A Poet

Curb Your Short Story

Where Do You Get Your Ideas-Part XII, or Egregious Pilfering 201

Contemplating William Stafford

Revising Poems for Fun and Profit PART I

Poem Development, Part II: Borrowing and Stealing

Poem Development – Part I: Research, It’s Not Just For Scientists Anymore.

Where Do You Get Your POEM ideas?

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