years of buttons
in a glass Ball jar
the blue one on the top
so far from the blue one
on the bottom

*Published in American Tanka 2011



Spring breezed
in on a whiff of
Angus, packed
four steers deep
in the bowels
of a cattle truck.
Earth-ripe, heavy-
handed reminder
of life outside
this active city.
colors the wind
long after the
silver Peterbuilt
lumbers away
to a packing plant

*Published in Between Fences Anthology, Wyoming Humanities Council, 2007


Observing You From The Other Side Of The Galaxy

Everything is perfect when
you look up from far away.
Everyone’s face familiar,
remote, muted as tuned out
radio static – a diminutive
rocket in the stratosphere,
passing overhead. Kaleido-
scope swirls of color spin
beneath a distant sun. Objects
appear to linger – dots, specks,
thought vibrations mined
from isolation. Peering
through the back end of rose-
colored binoculars, the horizon
ideally bent in the shape of things to come.

* Published in Distant Horizons Chapbook, WyoPoets 2009.

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