Constance Brewer

Constance Brewer is a writer, poet and artist who writes fantasy, space opera, essays, and poetry. She was born and raised in upstate New York where she spent many years gathering educational degrees. While teetering on the brink of permanent studenthood, Constance received this message in the bottom of a cup of Ramen noodles. “Get a real job”. She joined the military and served in the US Army Corps of Engineers, alternately building and blowing up things for her country. A retired Captain, she has an aversion to camouflage, but still likes the color brown. Constance has practiced karate, applying the knowledge gained to help her understand the process of acquiring broken bones, so she can correctly injure her fictional characters. When not juggling multiple writing projects like live grenades, she enjoys weaving and printmaking. Constance has an MFA in Fine Art, and a BA in Philosophy, which explains her rambling blog posts on various topics. She is the co-editor of the poetry magazine, Gyroscope Review.


  • Writing stuff (of course)
  • Welsh Corgis in any way, shape or form
  • Knitting & Weaving for the coming Zombie apocalypse
  • Printmaking- lino and wood block
  • Collecting art supplies but seldom using them
  • Driving aimlessly around the state of Wyoming
  • Stacking books in precarious formations
  • Reorganizing music playlists but then still listening to the same old one
  • Running with safety scissors clutched in both hands
  • Creating weird fermented food and drink
  • Posting sticky notes in random places

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